It’s time for a Change

REaD Group is the UK’s leading data communications company. We allow companies and brands to grow by communicating with their customers and prospects as individuals.

We combine data, insight, experience and expertise to provide answers that create longer lasting, more valuable relationships.

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Data is at the heart of everything we do. And with the UK’s most comprehensive consumer database we are uniquely positioned to elevate your marketing communications to help you to attract and retain the best customers, through:

• High quality and variable rich positive data – use the most comprehensive consumer database in the UK to enrich your data for targeted and effective campaigns

• Market leading data cleansing, relocate and bereavement tracking maximise the accuracy of your data and avoid unnecessary cost and brand damage

• Expert insight and data analytics services advanced segmentation, profiling and modelling will ensure campaigns are targeted, timely and maximise ROI

• Our commitment to data compliance and best practice  – our Data Protection office give you the confidence that our data and data cleaning is accurate, up to date and compliant

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