It’s time for a Change
Founded in 1991, the last 25 years has always seen REaD Group at the forefront of innovation, performance and us working hard to get OUR customers closer to THEIR customers.

That entrepreneurial spirit and motivation is as strong today as it ever was. It excites and inspires those who work within the business, and enables them to feel valued and that they are making a ‘real’ difference.

At the heart of everything that we do is the much maligned British consumer. In 1991 we were stopping mail go to those that had moved home or died. 15 years later we were processing more data than we ever believed existed and 10 years beyond that we were delivering perfectly executed, closely targeted and expertly delivered campaigns across a set of preferred channels. The days of carpet or inbox bombing are thankfully largely a thing of the past.

At the heart of our ability to deliver truly consumer-centric communications is our central data store – The Oracle. The broadest, deepest and most up to date view of the UK population. It allows you to combine data, knowledge and unrivalled insight in a real-time environment so you can build more profitable relationships.

That intelligent use of data and analytics allows us to better than ever before understand the psyche of the British consumer. Technology is now allowing lower volume high frequency models to deliver campaigns in a genuinely integrated and non-abrasive way so that consumers are more positively disposed for longer – the very definition of a valuable relationship.