INLINETM — Letting the Data Talk

Cara Eaton, Data Analysis Team Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support
“REaD Group are an extremely professional and flexible organisation to work with. All business decisions are made in full consultation, with Macmillan’s needs and requirements always remaining paramount. REaD Group consistently looks to better their service, and offer advice and expertise to ensure Macmillan remain at the forefront of data quality. Refreshingly, REaD Group also continually looks for ways to become more cost efficient and to pass cost savings to us.”

The strategy Following the joint development of INLINETM, an automated bespoke data cleansing service which was launched 2011, Macmillan Cancer Support took the decision to evaluate the content of their database and, where relevant, cleanse mailing files immediately before a file was submitted for mailing. The benefit being that Macmillan could be confident that the supporters who were mailed would receive and see the campaign piece. However, this was only the first stage in what was a strategic approach to increase the returns on each campaign, improving data quality and ensure that the insight derived prior to and as a consequence of each campaign, was as accurate and informative as it could be.

INLINETM was used to process all of Macmillan’s 2011 ‘warm’ Direct Mail, National, Legacy and Challenge Event campaign mailings (over 4,250,000 supporter mailings) and the charity set some challenging, high value objectives for the delivery of the new solution:

  • Maximise the response rates on Direct Mail campaigns
  • Deliver cost efficient growth of Direct Marketing activity by enabling accurate targeting and campaign delivery to short and long term lapsed supporters
  • Drive towards zero losses in campaign volumes for 2011 campaigns Support the recovery of lapsed supporters
  • Retain brand image in the market place
  • Minimise costs to external agencies
  • Utilise suppressed data in other smaller mailings

InlineTM – Process and benefits Using INLINETM, every campaign data selection taken from Macmillan’s database is evaluated for accuracy of contact details in terms of; deceased, gone-ways and, where available, the provision of new addresses for relocations.


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