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Customer Engagement – The Rise of the Machines

ENGAGEMENT | | 02nd February 2017
By Scott Logie, MD, Insight at REaD Group During the recent, and really rather excellent, DMA event on the Future of Customer Engagement there was a throw away remark made by one of the speakers that really stood out for me.  In amongst all the Dystopian nightmare futures; predictions of millions of job losses and […]
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REaD Group appoints Dean Standing as new Client Services Director

LATEST REaD NEWS | | 30th January 2017
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dean Standing to the role of Client Services Director. Dean will be responsible for leading the client services team, ensuring the delivery of the very highest levels of service to REaD Group’s clients, while also expanding the company’s extensive portfolio. Dean has been integral to REaD Group’s growth since joining as a graduate over 10 years […]
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Big Data, Big Issues: What should be top of the agenda for data marketers in 2017?

DATA | | 16th January 2017
By Jon Cano-Lopez, CEO at REaD Group It’s fair to say that 2016 was another formative year for data. As the buzzword that was ‘Big Data’ has fast become yesterday’s term in the marketing lexicon, the industry has finally woken up to the array of challenges posed by the astonishing rate at which data volume […]
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SAS software award winner in our midst!

LATEST REaD NEWS | | 31st December 2016
REaD Group are delighted to announce that one of our in-house Insight team, Andrea Baroni, has been recognised as a SAS software award winner! Graduating with a Distinction MSc in Management Science and Marketing Analytics from Lancaster University, Andrea was awarded the SAS Prize for achieving the best marks in the SAS Programming module and […]
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The Joy of Sex

ANALYTICS | | 22nd November 2016
By Scott Logie, MD, Insight at REaD Group Not just sex but age, household income, number of kids, car driven, property type, digital engagement, supermarkets shopped at and loads of other variables.  As an analyst, or an ex-analyst who employs much cleverer people than I ever was, one of the joys of working at a […]
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Should insurers buy data direct from their customers?

INSURANCE | | 31st October 2016
By Scott Logie, MD, Insight at REaD Group I recently attended an excellent conference hosted by The Insurance Network on the hot topic of customer engagement in the insurance sector. One of the interesting discussions at the roundtable focussed on purchasing data directly from the individual customer. The range of views in the room were […]
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REaD Group win Outstanding Data Focused Agency at Database Marketing Awards 2016

LATEST REaD NEWS | | 30th September 2016
REaD Group are delighted to named as winner of the Outstanding Data Focused Agency award at 2016 Database Marketing Awards. Celebrating the very best of data-led marketing, the award was presented to CEO, Jon Cano-Lopez at a glittering ceremony hosted by Bill Turnbull.  Organised by Database Marketing magazine, the oldest and now only specialised title […]
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Customer Engagement in the Insurance Market

INSURANCE | | 30th September 2016
Are you in a relationship? No, not in that way, but with the products you love? Marketers talk a lot about relationship marketing and building engagement with their customers. The theory is that if the brand provides information and advice, even entertainment, beyond the product they are selling then the customer gets more involved (or […]
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Time for insurers to claw back the customer from the Meerkat

INSURANCE | | 16th August 2016
Bringing together research from both You Gov and REaD Group to analyse the problem faced by insurers today, this report explores ways in which this can be overcome and – ultimately – recognise and draw out opportunities for businesses to increase their value and surmount the disruption caused by aggregators.  
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Big Data: Big Buzzword. Fast Data is the real challenge

LATEST REaD NEWS | REaD Group | 20th June 2016
Big Data is the phrase on so many decision makers’ lips at the moment. It’s a great term and has been influential in elevating the importance of data, especially around the boardroom table. But to a data expert it’s essentially meaningless.
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