Data Protection Office

Our commitment to data compliance best practice

As part of the company’s governance and data compliance practices, all of our current and prospective data contributors, undergo rigorous Data Compliance due diligence audits organised by our Data Protection Office.

REaD Group’s Data Protection Office – led by experienced compliance and data governance specialist and member of DMA GDPR Taskforce and Data Protection Network Governance Board, Andy Bridges – are dedicated to ensuring our adherence to data compliance best practice.

We capture, and also under contract, gather, permissioned personal data sourced from a wide range of sectors including financial, retail, lifestyle, household and technology.

The data is collated, rigorously validated, verified, screened and enhanced then combined into a series of databases from which extracts of data may be provided under contract to business partners and clients.

How REaD Group keep their databases DPA and PECR compliant

Before any data is added to a REaD Group database, all steps are taken to verify and validate the records by channel using existing data and third party resources. The satisfactory data is then:

• de-duplicated and formatted
• screened against PAF
• screened against in-house suppression records and other in-house files – Gone Away Suppression File, The Bereavement Register – and other industry suppression files, including TPS and MPS
• crossed checked – and where appropriate – all data referring to the one individual is combined

Ongoing Due Diligence Audits are applied to all contributors, at least annually, and we also regularly carry out spot checks on quality, accuracy and continual compliance of data supplied.

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