GDPR Jargon Buster
Like it or not GDPR is coming and many businesses are finally waking up to the reality of this seismic legislative change and the implications for their data and marketing processes and strategies.

But for anyone looking at the detail and preparing a business for GDPR, the terminology can be baffling…even for seasoned data professionals. Our GDPR jargon buster – the first in a series – is here to help demystify some of the most important terms crucial to correctly interpreting GDPR and translating the legislation into action.

To correctly interpret and implelment the binding terms of GDPR it is imperative to know – and more importantly understand the contextual meaning of the key terms included for your business.

Download our GDPR Jargon Busters today to help you and your organisation on the journey to GDPR compliance.

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

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