Practical Steps
Practical Steps you should be taking now…..


If you’re not talking (or at least discussing) the GDPR… then you should be. With less than 7 months  left until we have to be compliant, now is the time to understand the regulation. You must consider the impacts it might have, the changes your business needs to make, and note that the GDPR will have more of an impact on some parts of your business than others.

Ownership & Accountability

Understand and appoint who in your business owns data, data protection and compliance, and assess where this role will sit within your organisation’s structure. It is important to make sure that someone in your organisation takes responsibility and has the knowledge, support, and authority to do so effectively.


Document what your data estate and data landscape look like, understand what you have in terms of data, systems and architecture, map out which parts of the GDPR will have the greatest impact on your business model and give those areas priority in your planning process. If the regulation went live tomorrow, how much of your data would conform to the regulation?

Privacy by Design and Data Provenance

Understand Privacy by design as an approach which promotes privacy and data protection compliance from the outset. The approach is not a requirement of the regulation, but it will help your business remain compliant and is an essential tool in minimising privacy risks.

Myth Buster

Click back soon to see our GDPR myth buster… There’s an abundance of both good and bad advice being circulated which is only obscuring our already-unclear future. REaD Group are at the forefront of championing the highest standards of data compliance. Let us help you achieve the same before May 2018 when the regulation becomes law.