Data Services & Hygiene

Whilst the actual value of data might be disputed – it is clear that we couldn’t survive without it.  Today at the heart of every successful business is a clear, dynamic and extensive data strategy.  This means properly understanding what makes your customers tick, what they hate and what do they want to know and when.  REaD Group simply knows more about British consumers than anyone else.  That intelligence and insight will allow you to treat your customers and prospects as individuals.

REaD Group has long been synonymous with keeping databases and prospect files more up to date and accurate than anyone else - that is why 20 years later we continue to be the market leader.  Data hygiene  -keeping your data up to date and relevant - has never been more important.  Contact us today for a data health check


Qinetic Display

This is an enterprise level data hygiene suite built specifically for advertisers. The 3 products: GAS REaCtive, The GAS File and The Bereavement Register combined represent the 3 market leading solutions to Gone Away tracing, identification and deceased suppression.

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Recently rebuilt to now include multiple new sources including now two credit reference agencies GAS Reactive has over 25m new addresses for records that would otherwise be no longer of any use. When tested in most recent files match rates of over 50% can be achieved.

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The best known and most widely used Gone Away Suppression file in the industry. The file now just over 95m records and is updated with around 900k added monthly.

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The deceased suppression solution of choice for so many major advertisers. Currently captures around 80% of the universe market through The UK Registration service, Funeral Directors, hospitals, hospices, NHS through consumers filing out reply paid forms.

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Data Hygiene and Processing

As consumer data is constantly changing, you can find that your database is out of date and underperforming for you, resulting in costly, inaccurate marketing mailings and gaps in your customer knowledge. Data cleansing is an effective way to check and correct your customer information, ensuring you always get the most from your database.

How can Data Hygiene help you?

  • Ensure you have accurate campaigns and increase your return on investment
  • Remove duplicate customer information and save money on wasteful mailings
  • Reduce costs associated with contacting individuals who cannot or will not respond
  • Improving the effectiveness of communications to consumers, improving response rates and return on marketing investment
  • Reducing the risk of causing consumer annoyance and damaging brand reputation
  • Ensuring that data and marketing communications are compliant with the numerous data regulatory requirements
  • Increase your efficiency and corporate responsibility by not mailing people who aren’t there – saving you money
  • Limit corporate brand damage created by irresponsible data practices
  • Help stop identity fraud, which substantially increases the risk of bad debt
  • Improve the environmental reputation of your company and the DM industry
  • Provide Data Protection Act compliance for your company

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Online is a data cleansing service, providing organisations with a cost effective and user-friendly way of improving the integrity of their data with 24/7 access to a wide range of industry data files.

Designed for data savvy users, our online tool enables users to upload data files and select products and services from a range of options 24/7. Automated reports are emailed to users and a choice of suppressed or flagged output files are available to download. Online provides a quick option for cleansing data in varying formats and specifications, ideal for cleansing or auditing ad-hoc files.

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Originally a development from our online technologies, but without the front end interactions. The creation of Inline led to REaD Group winning the Excellence in Data Quality Management for Marketing at the Database Marketing Awards. Created to be the quickest and most efficient method for cleaning data, users have designated folders on our SFTP site where data is placed. We recognise the presence of the file and automatically instigate a predefined script based on the naming convention of that file i.e. “july14_gold” runs deceased and goneaway products or “july14_silver” runs just deceased for email campaigns. A number of options can be selected to suit your varying requirements. Once the process is complete users are sent the report via email and again a pre-agreed output format is ready on the SFTP location.

Users can schedule the delivery of their data to and from the SFTP site, then the process can be completely ‘lights out’ and fully automated. Inline is best suited for large scale repeat processing, where the data is consistent in format and layout.

Online is a data cleansing service, providing organisations with a cost effective and userfriendly way of improving the integrity of their data with 24/7 access to a wide range of industry data files.

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