We can provide marketing lists derived from the largest and most comprehensive database of UK consumers.  With  over 50 million records, our high quality data is multi source verified and is enhanced by using transactional, behavioural, lifestyle insights along with geo-demographic data to provide the UK’s broadest, deepest and most up to date view.  The following data products can be bought separately or we can consolidate our outputs for ease of use.  Contact us today to request a count and quote.


ACTIVE is a multi-channel transactional lifestyle database of active online and offline consumers containing over 40 million UK individuals. It combines transactional history, lifestyle choices, behavioural insights and geo-demographics to help target your campaigns at every level. Each record is proven to have transacted within the last 6 months, and therefore more likely to be actively spending in the marketplace. All records are validated, fully-permissioned and matched against REaD Group’s market leading suppression files before supplied to clients.

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As of September 2014, REaD Group formed a strategic partnership with one of the best known and most respected data companies that exists; Acxiom. We are now the sole reseller of Acxiom data for rental in the UK market. The available data includes InfoBase Lifestyle Census, Behavior Bank and the Research Opinion Poll – all continuing to bring fresh data into the marketplace. The data set is updated in the same manner as ACTIVE, using our well respected leading suppression files.

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With the ever changing charity market, and the negative press of 2015 resonating from tabloid horror stories; 
it has never been more important to ensure that every communication that charities make to individuals are 
to the right person, with the right message, and at the right time.

As part of the relationship that REaD Group have with Acxiom, a new dataset has been developed and launched specifically designed to help charities acquire new supporters. The dataset has been developed using a combination of lifestyle data from the InfoBase Lifestyle Census and charity research data gathered over 4 years. The research sourced information on giving to named charities, methods of giving, value of gifts and preferred communication media. By asking the same questions over a period of time, trends have been built into the dataset and loyalty based variables created.

For specific areas, such as brand preference, sector preference, affordability, channel preference and attitudes and behaviour, propensity models have been built to use the lifestyle data to extrapolate the research data across the whole adult, giving population. The outcome is the most comprehensive, charity sector data in the UK. With over 40m marketable individuals, each appended with variables that allow charities to enrich existing supporter records with data specifically designed to support and improve supporter analysis and engagement activity.

Furthermore, it enables charities to find individuals who have a desire to give to their charity, and scale with an indication of preferred communication and giving channel and lifestyle data to ensure messages are tailored accordingly.


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ProspectUs Insurance-01

The timing of communications, in relation to insurance, is more critical than any other financial services product. 
People buy insurance, whether it is home or motor, when they need it, so timing is key - get it wrong and you won’t succeed!

REaD Group recognises that when selling insurance that, of course, timing is everything and has developed the largest and most sophisticated data solution available in the UK. This solution is called ProspectUs for Insurance, which is demonstrably more complete (having the largest volume of insurance renewal dates available in one place), accurate and able to deliver greater insight than any competitive solution.

ProspectUs for Insurance is designed to support the customer acquisition and insight requirements across a range of insurance products including:

The dataset offers significant improvements over historical approaches to data buying, such as traditional list purchase or more restrictive data owner created “pool” solutions that tend to fall down on quality and volume. It provides insurance marketers with a single highly accurate universe to select data to support multi-channel acquisition campaign activity and remove the cost and confusion of dealing with multiple list owners.

ProspectUs for Insurance can be used to support your marketing activity in the following ways:

  • High volume yet targeted customer acquisition campaigns
  • Timely cross-sell and up sell to existing customers
  • Insurance market/product analysis
  • Customer analysis (profiling, modelling & segmentation)
  • Personalisation of communications to ensure relevance
  • Real-time decisioning via REaD Groups Data Asset Repository, The Oracle.
  • Multi-channel activation including social and display


Currently ProspectUs for Insurance holds the following information in relation to marketing of insurance product:

  • 30 million home renewals
  • 22 million motor insurance renewals
  • Renewal date confidence grades
  • House information
  • 10m households known to have pets
  • Travel behaviour on 15m individuals
  • 50m know dates of birth
  • Household composition
  • 14 million email addresses
  • 20 million mobile numbers
  • Lifestyle and demographic information
  • Scoring on likelihood to die or be ill


ProspectUs for Insurance is ever increasing due to continual updates from the REaD Groups own data collection program and the addition of new contributors.


Confidence Grades

Crucially, since Prospectus for Insurance contains multiple sources of data, it not only allows for greater volumes but also for greater accuracy through grading. Analysis has shown that if multiple suppliers provide the same renewal date and the data has different origins then that renewal date is more likely to be accurate. Likewise, if suppliers provide conflicting renewal dates then the accuracy is likely to be lower. REaD Group’s proprietary Confidence Grading system has consistently been found to identify the most accurate insurance renewal data available.

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Data Generation

The acquisition of new data sits at the heart of our industry, but today it must be done in a completely different way.  Consumers of course are unrecognisably savvy compared to a few years ago, but so of course are brands.  We all now recognise that establishing long term mutually rewarding relationships starts with being open and honest and persuading consumers that their data is safe with us.  Over the last few years at REaD Group we have modernised the entire process of how consumers interact their data with brands.

Research Opinion Poll

The Research Opinion Poll or ROP, is one of the longest running consumer survey in the UK. Since 1985 ROP has been gathering information on consumers to help brands understand their behaviors and motivations in order to enhance their marketing and deliver a superior customer experience.

Furthermore, ROP enables you to survey consumers with your own brands specific questions to identify and target consumers when the likely to be most engage with and receptive to your offer.

REaD Group’s comprehensive service ensures that leads are verified, qualified and highly responsive.


  • Up to 30,0000 individual surveys completed per month on our sites per month supplying a minimum of: title, first name, last name, gender, email, postal, telephone, DOB
  • The ability to provide specific targeting so that only your best prospects are presented with your brand and given the opportunity to opt-in
  • Incentivised and non-incentivised models to provide choice and coverage

Consumer choice is at the heart of everything REaD Group provides. Our consumer facing preference centre ( is designed to give the consumer complete and ultimate choice of how the information we hold on them is used and how they are communicated with. If an individual’s stance is they never want to receive any communication of any type, that’s their choice and it should be fully respected! Additionally, if the consumer has certain preferences in relation to specific industry sectors, brands and marketing channel,  gives them the opportunity to specify these preferences in order to receive more of the marketing they actually want and via their preferred channel = happier consumers + better performing campaigns.


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