At the heart of REaD Group is the desire to help you build long term, lasting relationships with your customers.

We combine our data with your data to enable you to engage with your customers and prospects on an intimate basis, treating every one like the individual they are.


Every great relationship starts with getting to know each other better. It is no different in marketing. We see our role as providing you with the insight to really get to understand your customers, and prospects. We apply a range of analytical techniques to help turn raw data into actionable knowledge.

Single Customer View

Across your business there are pots of data containing nuggets of information about customers and their relationship with you. At REaD Group, we ensure all of this data is captured, at source and in a timely fashion, held at customer level and accessed as needed to build engagement strategies.

Engagement Solutions

There are a number of technology solutions available to deliver inbound and outbound marketing programs. We combine the best of these with your data, our data and the actionable insights we create to provide a scalable platform, built to meet your bespoke engagement needs.

Cross-media execution

Whether your campaign is a single channel email broadcast or a multi-channel multiwave campaign covering on-line and off-line media, REaD Group can help you plan, optimise and execute it. We also make sure you are aware at all times how the results are looking by sharing relevant and timely reporting.

Consultancy & Strategy

Sometimes all that is really needed is a bit of advice. Through the hundreds of projects that we have delivered and across many years of experience we have learned a few things. And we are more than happy to share what we know with you. Our Consultants do exactly that, we don’t patronise or moralise, we listen, we discuss, we solve problems and we deliver value.