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We support brands at every stage of the customer journey ensuring optimum data quality and accuracy, in-depth customer insight and targeted multi-channel communications via our bespoke customer engagement solutions.

Single Customer View (SCV)

A game changer in the quest for customer centric marketing, a Single Customer View (SCV) describes the aggregation of multiple data sets within an organisation into one database to provide a single unified view of each customer.

Combining data from multiple sources and channels across your business – from product and purchase history, call centres and customer service logs to online and social activity provide a complete picture of your customers and their interaction with your business. A well executed SCV can both enhance marketing ROI and improve operational cohesion and efficiencies.

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Data as a Service (DaaS)

With GDPR now law, all businesses need to ensure they have an effective solution to keep their data clean and up to date.

REaD Group DaaS delivers seamless real-time connectivity to the UK’s most comprehensive and authoritative database.  Always on technology allows brands to respond to changes and updates as and when they occur.

Allowing you to maintain accuracy, target the right customers and deliver better decisions at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

REaD Group’s DaaS delivers a cost effective and simple solution to this core GDPR requirement – it will clean customer data in real time.

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Online is a data cleansing service, providing organisations with a cost effective and user-friendly way of improving the integrity of their data with 24/7 access to a wide range of…

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