Prospectus for Charity

For campaigns that deliver the right results for Charities

The right message, at the right time and using the right channel

Prospectus for Charity delivers the ability to develop highly targeted donor acquisition for your charity or cause, at scale, per channel and with an intelligent level of insight to target your message according to the individual.

It is the most comprehensive data set designed specifically for the charity sector to effectively reach and engage with more of the right people – and maximise donor acquisition.


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It has never been more important for charities to ensure their communications are to the right individual, with the right message, at the right time and using the right channel.

• With over 30 million marketable individuals, each appended with variables that allow charities to enrich existing supporter records and improve supporter analysis and engagement

• Effectively identify and engage with individuals with the desire to give

• Enhance the targeting and personalisation of your campaigns using variables relating to giving preference, lifestyle and preferred communication channel

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