Leisure: Casino data cleaning with REaDConnect

Improving brand awareness with data cleaning through REaDConnect!

The Challenge

REaD Group worked with one of the UK’s largest casino operators to improve customer relationships and brand awareness after the COVID-19 pandemic. With a footfall of over 30,000 customers per day, and a database of over 1 million records, the brand wanted to send encouraging communications to get people back into the casinos once the re-openings began.

The Solution

To avoid brand damage and customer distress, REaD Group screened the entire database of 1.8 million for deceased records using our automated data cleansing and enrichment solution, REaDConnect.

The results

The screening process  identified 11,000 deceased records for the brand, ensuring the database was accurate, up-to-date and when used to communicate to customers and prospects, retained positive relationships and brand image moving forward.

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