Charity: Large health charity

Optimising data quality for a large health charity is helping them to maximise their fundraising campaigns


The challenge for our client, a large health charity, was to ensure their 24m+ supporter and volunteer database was as accurate and up to date as possible – in particular to remove supporters who have passed away and identify those who had moved.  As a charity they also want to maximise the cost effectiveness of direct marketing costs.


REaD Group have designed a data quality solution to meet this requirement and ensure the accuracy, quality and compliance of all of their supporter data using our market leading data cleaning suite via our managed services, to:

  • Successfully processed, PAF screened and deduplicated over 24m records
  • Provide access to all available deceased, gone away and mover suppression products
  • An initial cleanse 24m supporter records currently held, with provision of permanent flags
  • Flexibility to process and cleanse data on a campaign-by-campaign basis
  • Access to all of the market leading suppression files and ensure their data is GDPR compliant at all times


Regular cleansing of the full supporter database has delivered significant cost savings, provided more accurate selections for communications and campaigns, a better knowledge of mailable volumes and enabled re-engagement with supporters who have moved house.

  • Flagged and prevented the charity from mailing over 11,000 supporters who had passed away
  • Flagged and prevented the charity from mailing over 70,000 supporters who had moved house
  • Using our solution our client have made an estimated cost saving of over £60,000 across the year

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