Retail: Glasses Direct

New Vision: Customer Segmentation gives Glasses Direct real clarity on who their customers are

Glasses Direct are an online prescription eyewear store who are passionate about optimising their customer experience. Their goal is to change the way people feel about buying glasses and they wanted to better understand who their customers were and how best to develop a longer term engagement with them.

After conducting a range of database segmentations, REaD Group built an SCV in order to provide Glasses with a complete picture of their customers. This will enable them to effectively employ these segmentations and acquire actionable insight into their customers, including purchasing and behavioural patterns.

With the introduction of the SCV, Glasses will be able to gain real clarity into customer’s transactional behaviour and in turn provide them with a more personalised experience. Using segmentations will give them the ability to target a range of different customers and tailor their communications in varied and innovative ways.

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