Finance: Gobsmack

Bespoke real-time data feeds enable Gobsmack clients to deliver personalised offers to increase engagement and LTV

Gobsmack is a unique cash rewards platform that is revolutionising the concept of loyalty programmes in the UK. Working with REaD Group as their data partner they wanted to create a rewards platform that created deeper, more valuable and more rewarding relationships that put the customer first.

REaD combines client data, daily behavioural data, preference feeds and seasonal/calendar activities to drive triggered, hyper-personalised communications containing the most relevant offers for each individual. After onboarding every communication is bespoke and entirely behaviour driven. Aggregating thousands of data points daily, the platform generates tailored offers triggered by individual preferences and actions.

Working with REaD, Gobsmack has created a unique technology platform that intelligently uses multiple, real-time data feeds to deliver highly personalised triggered offers and communications on behalf of consumer brands. This tailored and personalised approach has yielded a substantial growth in engagement rates and a dramatic uplift in purchases in 2019. Ultimately, the Gobsmack platform should enable brands to increase loyalty and LTV from its customers by inspiring both financial and brand engagement.

Custom offers have seen impressive Open Rates of
Click-Through-Rates of

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