Charity: Macmillan

Inline provides Macmillan with informative and accurate insight as a result of clean and up to date data

Macmillan are a charity who provide support, specialist healthcare and information to people living with cancer. They wanted to ensure that their data quality was of the highest standard and that the insight they derived prior to and as a consequence of each campaign was as accurate and informative as possible.

Using REaD Group’s automated bespoke data cleaning service, Inline, every campaign data selection taken from Macmillan’s database was evaluated for accuracy of contact details – in terms of deceased, gone-aways and, where available, new addresses for relocations.

Inline was used to process all of Macmillan’s Direct mail, National, Legacy and Challenge Event campaign mailings. This not only ensured that their data was accurate and up-to-date but also allowed them to set some challenging, high value objectives for the future.

REaD Group are an extremely professional and flexible organisation to work with. All business decisions are made in full consultation, with Macmillan’s needs and requirements always remaining paramount. REaD Group consistently looks to better their service, and offer advice and expertise to ensure Macmillan remain at the forefront of data quality. Refreshingly, REaD Group also continually looks for ways to become more cost efficient and to pass cost savings to us.
Cara Eaton
Data Analysis Team Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support

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