Retail: Moonpig

Customer segmentation and insight drive personalised cards and gifts retailer Moonpig into more successful marketing.

Moonpig are a London based personalised cards and gifts retailer who believe that a personal touch always means more. They wanted to understand exactly who their customers were, not just by knowing their age, gender and location, but also more in-depth information about hobbies and interests, and their level of engagement with the brand itself.

REaD Group began by segmenting all of Moonpig’s customers into manageable groups so they could be understood as standing groups. This was initially executed on a transactional level, where the data was split into RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) groups to better understand the transactional behaviour of customers. Customers were then grouped into ‘pen portraits’ to establish how people with similar profiles engage with the Moonpig brand.

REaD Group’s unrivalled insight gave Moonpig clarity on who its customers are, where they are spending and their purchasing patterns across the brand itself, and other transactions. This understanding permitted Moonpig to fine tune their macro approach and gave them the capability to implement a new gifting strategy and hone its methods to above the line marketing.

Increased retention rate of more than
Increased revenue share by
Our work with REaD Group has provided us with some fascinating insights into who our customers are, both past and present, so we can market to them as appropriate. We now have a detailed and accurate picture of who is purchasing from our website, and identifying these key profiles will undoubtedly help shape the face of the business in the future.
Armelle Guillet
Customer Experience Director Moonpig

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