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Good data engenders loyalty: The importance of data quality in managing Nectar's nationwide loyalty card scheme.

Nectar is a loyalty reward scheme who strongly believe that in order to achieve the highest response rates, campaigns need to be personalised and driven by accurate, up-to-date data. They wanted to make sure their offers were reaching the most receptive customers and prospects possible.

REaD Group were able to offer Nectar a meticulous cleaning service, filtering their data through our Goneaway Suppression file and Bereavement Register to ensure that their data was clean and accurate.

By taking steps to make sure that their datasets are as up-to-date as possible, Nectar ensures that their cardholders’ experience is as seamless as possible.

Data accuracy is fundamental to everything we do here at Nectar. The ability to understand consumer behaviour and direct highly-targeted communications to customers has become an important mainstay of B2C marketing over the past ten years. It is difficult to imagine trying to manage a nationwide loyalty scheme like Nectar without effective data suppression, in fact. So the question of whether or not to suppress needs to be answered with a resounding ‘Yes!’ in our opinion.
Suzanne Richardson
Head of Campaign Services, Nectar

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