Automotive: Online data solutions for the automotive sector

REaD Group created a bespoke version of REaDOnline, the market-leading online data cleansing tool to integrate into the clients online intranet.


Keeping your customer data up-to-date and clean is a tough challenge. However, our client, an international car manufacturer, knew it was crucial to ensure that their communications reached the right contacts and customers. And of course, post GDPR, it is the law!

They faced the extra challenge with some of their franchised car and motorbike dealerships struggling to manage their data effectively, which often left them with poor quality data that was not suppressed frequently enough. The obstacle facing the dealerships was that it could often be cost-prohibitive for them to manage data cleansing, incurring high fixed costs even though their customer volumes were small.


When REaD Group took over the data cleansing process for the client, we provided enhanced matching and a greater range of suppression files, automating the process so that a customer file is extracted monthly, with the suppressions returned to Head Office instantaneously.

REaD Group created a bespoke version of REaDOnline, the market-leading online data cleansing tool. This has been made available to all dealerships via their intranet. As a result, the dealerships have access to a simple, easily managed tool that enables them to cleanse their data at a discounted rate and to run their data against the larger Head Office suppression file – free of charge.


With the transparent and easily useable interface, our automotive client and their dealerships benefit from clean, compliant data, which reduces any reputational risk of contacting deceased/goneaway customers. In physical terms, there has been a drop in returned mail, and a significant reduction in complaints and queries from mailings.

In addition to this, the dealerships receive further advantages; discounted suppression costs – thanks to being part of a larger corporate group, the independence of managing and owning their data sources, the ability to cleanse their data swiftly and the confidence in being able to clean their data against the Head Office suppression file for free, ensuring that the same customer is not being paid for twice.

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