Subscription service: Online dating site

Segmentation allows dating site to identify their most valuable customers and find look-a-like prospects


Our client is one of the UK’s most popular and trusted online dating sites. Experts in relationships, they wanted to understand the behaviours of customers with free accounts compared to those using their paid service and look to increase their conversion rates. More broadly they were also keen to identify their most valuable customers and find lookalike prospects in the UK market.


As data experts, REaD Group began by investigating the existing client customer base in detail and using all available data to run an initial segmentation. This incorporated factors such as engagement, lifestyle information, age and demographics, psychographic data and value to the client. This was then re-run and refined based on the results to identify profiles of their main customer types.


The segmentation allowed our client to understand the trigger points of becoming a paying customer and ensure they were communicating the most relevant message to increase conversion rates. Additionally, they were also able to identify and target their high-value customers through ongoing CRM and marketing strategies.

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