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Creating pet-owner specific variables to achieve record results!


Launched in 2017, the client became the UK’s Best Pet Insurance Provider in 2020, however, in order to continue to grow, they wanted to gain a better understanding of their core and most loyal customers. They wanted a data partner who could provide accurate information differentiating between Cat and Dog owners, both for creative testing, but also to improve conversion rates.


We began by profiling the client’s existing customer database to understand the core demographics, lifestyle interests, financial status and household composition, before selecting data based on the top scoring deciles.  We overlaid pet ownership (conducting creative tests on dog v cat), and selecting prospects based on their socio-economic status, affluence and age.

We refined the selections further, splitting proportionally across UK regions, and ensured the data was ready-to-mail, applying home-mover and deceased screening and creating appropriate coding for response analysis.


The Direct Mail campaign exceeded all targets, delivering an ROI of 2.5, so for every £1 spent on the campaign, we generated £2.50 in revenue.

By being able to drill down into type of pet, quote to sale conversions increased.

Additional insight based on response data enabled learnings to be applied across other channels (e.g. regional analysis informed OOH activity) and allowed for further refinement of targeting criteria for their next campaign.

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