Retail: REaDConnect delivers cost savings for large retailer

Data Quality solution for large retailer


The challenge for our client, a large retailer, was that they were not receiving flags for gone-away or deceased matches to their customer database, which meant they were paying for the same suppressions repeatedly, every time they ran a campaign. Their goal was to be able to only suppress a customer once with the aim of reducing ongoing costs.


REaD Group have designed a data quality solution to meet this requirement and ensure the accuracy, quality and compliance of all of their customer data using our API delivery via REaDConnect, to provide:

  • Access to all available deceased, gone away and mover marketing suppression products
  • An initial cleanse of the between 10 -15 million customer records currently held, with provision of permanent flags
  • Flexibility to process and cleanse data on a campaign-by-campaign basis
  • Provision of the PAF file
  • Access to all of the market leading suppression files and ensure their data is GDPR compliant at all times


The initial cleanse of the full customer database has delivered more accurate selections for campaigns, a better knowledge of mailable volumes and enabled re-engagement with customers who have moved house, via use of relocation addresses.

Using our solution our client have made an immediate saving of 25%.  And this isn’t just a one-off saving. They will benefit from cumulative savings year on year, as records will no longer be re-suppressed at repeated cost.  Based on their pack price, the brand will be able to save over 50% of the mailing cost from a single match and benefit commercially based on permanent flags to any records which would have been mailed a second time or more.

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