Retail: UK Leading Supermarket

We innovated the client’s thinking to deliver a solution the client didn’t realise was possible.

The Challenge:

The brand needs no introduction, but as the UK’s leading supermarket with the most successful loyalty scheme in the UK, data is recognised as a key factor in the continued success. Our client acknowledges that data is a valuable business asset that must be correctly handled. In addition like REaD Group, they believe in treating every customer as an individual, so ensuring that data remains clean and compliant at all customer lifecycle stages is imperative. With our client being leaders in the retail sector and relying on data as a critical asset didn’t want to settle for just solving the problem. They wanted to work with a data and solutions partner that could genuinely innovate and deliver services in a way not previously consumed.

The Solution:

In partnership with our client, we hold several discovery workshops to understand the full extent of the requirements and how best to engineer a solution to fit precisely into the project objectives. We then innovated the client’s thinking to deliver a solution the client didn’t realise was possible.

What we did:
  • Processing of all customer data to link all records to REaD Group’s data assets
  • Cleansing of all data against REaD Group’s leading data cleansing assets TBR and GAS as well as the best of the rest to identify customers who have moved or passed away
  • Appending of key variables from REaD Enhance
  • Ongoing receipt of new customer registration to maintain an accurate link to REaD Group data assets
  • Implementation of REaD Active to provide data feedback when a change occurs
The Results:
  • Our client is notified the day a record is added to a deceased or goneaway suppression asset
  • New customer addresses are provided as soon as an update at source is applied
  • Customer lifestage updates are returned to them the same day REaD Group receives them
  • Individuals not known to be the same by our client are grouped together by REaD Group

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