Marketing: Stannp

REaD Group's automated data cleaning solution enables Stannp clients to improve campaign performance through accurate and up to date data

With over 30 years’ experience in print and direct mail, Stannp’s easy to use web-based platform allows customers to upload data, images and bespoke messages to be printed and posted as personalised postcards and letters, for less than the cost of a second-class stamp.


Stannp are a print management provider who offer companies a fully digital, integrated solution to their direct mail needs. As keeping data up to date and accurate is now law under GDPR Article 5.1d, Stannp wanted to provide their clients with the capability to clean their direct mail campaign data in real-time.


REaD Group provided Stannp with a fully automated data cleaning solution which provides access to REaD’s market leading data cleaning products – GAS and TBR – in real-time. Clients upload their data to the platform and are given the option to plug into REaDConnent before launching a campaign, delivering a bespoke data cleaning solution that is moulded to their requirements.


Stannp were able to add a new proposition to their direct mail service and provide clients with the ability to easily ensure that their data was accurate and up to date before launching their DM campaigns – improving campaign performance, reducing marketing costs and complying with GDPR legislation.

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