Retail: Supplying the nation with craft beer subscriptions

Bespoke subscription data models from REaD Group

Supplying the nation with craft beer!

The challenge: 

The subscription revolution hit the UK by storm as we descended into our first lockdown in 2020. For many brands reliant on a subscription based services, this meant competition!

A leading provider of home-delivery craft beer came to REaD Group to continue their customer growth after advertising opportunities became limited.  They needed a new way to recruit new supporters and build loyalty.

The solution:

REaD Group suggested using direct mail as a tried and tested method to attract people based at home.  We built a bespoke model for the client, using a combination of customer data and REaD’s own unique variables, including:

  • Demographic information
  • Geo location
  • Affluence
  • Household spend
  • Interest in Beer
  • Mail order buyers

REaD Group then provided additional selections to identify individuals and households with propensity for purchasing beers at home, and propensity of loyalty to subscriber services. Both of which had sky rocketed once the pandemic hit.

All the data provided by REaD Group was fully compliant, accurate and up-to-date for contact by postal, and was used in conjunction with door drops for the campaign itself.

The results are in! 

The initial campaign had a high response, leading to a full UK rollout. The strong performance of REaD Group’s data remained consistent as the volume increased, and now forms the essential basis of ongoing customer acquisition strategies.

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