10 top reasons why Charities should keep their data clean and responsible!

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It has always been essential for Charities to keep data clean. However, current circumstances have made it  more crucial to keep campaigns compliant and ready for action. Read our top 10 reasons to keep your data clean below.

Your supporter data is decaying at a faster rate than ever before – bad data is bad news for charity decisions, marketing campaigns and brand!

You MUST remove deceased contacts to avoid distress to relatives and associated brand damage.

It’s the law to keep your supporters and prospect data clean and accurate! GDPR Article 5.1 (d) specifies explicitly that data must be kept “Kept accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date”

Clean, accurate and good quality data means better, informed decisions and targeted campaigns for your supporters.

Good quality data is proven to enhance campaign performance.

Reduce campaign costs and improve delivery rate.

Improve your campaign ROI by sending campaigns that are accurately addressed and delivered to prospects and supporters.

Protect your brand from the reputational damage caused by sending incorrectly addressed mail and mailing goneaways.

Improve supporter perception and brand experience.  Supporters expect their data to be accurate, responsible and compliant. 

In conclusion, it is now far easier to manage your data responsibly and maintain a high standard of accuracy and compliance. With a range of providers and a choice of services available to suit your charity and non-profit requirements and frequency:

  • Managed
  • Self-service
  • Automated
  • Integrated via API for real-time screening.

There  is no excuse not to keep you data clean, compliant and ready for action!

Download 10 top reasons to keep your data  clean checklist

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