Fundraising Live and CDAO UK: Keeping it personal

Adam Tolcher and Louis Sage in front of the REaD Group stand at Fundraising Live 2020

After attending Fundraising Live at the beginning of February and sponsoring the CDAO UK event last week, we caught up with Louis and Adam for their biggest takeaways and insights from both events – there’s certainly plenty of food for thought and encouraging signs that charities and businesses alike are beginning to explore and appreciate the value of their data!

Fundraising Live

Since GDPR’s introduction nearly two years ago it’s safe to say that charities on the whole have been somewhat nervous and conservative when it has come to their fundraising activities. However, from the majority of charities we spoke to at the event, it seems that many are beginning to adopt a more proactive rather than reactive approach. A noticeable dip in fundraising income has been felt amongst charities that have relied upon traditional activities such as bucket collections – as more people embrace contactless payment and fewer people regularly carry change.

Personalisation is key

Insight was a hot topic, and this has seen many re-evaluating their marketing strategies as they are keen to better understand their supporters and find out what drives people to give. Coupled with this increased knowledge, charities are also focussing on journey mapping and personalising supporter experience in order to build more profitable and longer-lasting relationships.

As has been the case for a while now, we are seeing an increasing trend in charities returning to direct mail for their acquisition and retention campaigns – using legitimate interest as the legal basis for processing. Many were concerned post-GDPR that they would have to remove mailings from their marketing mix, however, in Recital 47 of the GDPR it states that: processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for a legitimate interest.

delegates at the CDOA Conference 2020

CDAO Conference

The role of the CDO is one that has been rapidly gaining prominence over the last two years, having been relatively unknown before the changes to data legislation. As companies increasingly appreciate data as a valuable asset, more and more are appointing CDOs to elevate responsible data management to board level (finally!).

After GDPR was implemented there was an initial panic around having to hire additional staff to manage data and many instated CDOs in their business without considering what the role entailed or the skillset required from the individual holding it.

Suppress to impress

What was perhaps most heartening at this year’s event was a noticeable increase in understanding and awareness to GDPR obligations from CDO’s in attendance – and the importance of goneaway and deceased screening in particular. In addition to the legal repercussions, many also have environmental concerns around the increased wastage created by failing to suppress mailing campaign data (and the potential brand damage that may ensue).

As well as an increased awareness for data cleaning, as with Fundraising Live the week before, there was a real buzz in the room around personalisation. With so much data at our disposal these days, there really is no excuse for neglecting to put it to good use! Using data intelligently to enhance the customer experience will ultimately strengthen relationships and increase loyalty and LTV.

Having also attended both events in 2019, it was fantastic to see a palpable excitement amongst delegates this year around the potential of data and the possibilities presented to those who use it effectively. Personalisation will continue to be a big driver for marketers this year – but it is important to ensure that it is informed by the right data!

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