Get an A in data! 10 top reasons to keep your data clean and accurate in the education sector!

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Keeping your student database clean and accurate has never been more important for your institution.  By following legislation you can ensure a more effective and altogether improved approach to responsible marketing, improving campaign targeting, reducing costs and increasing ROI. Your data has never been easier to achieve  and maintain!

Bad data is bad news for your institutions decision making, marketing campaigns and overall brand reputation.

You must ensure all deceased contacts are removed to avoid unnecessary upset to those receiving it.

In line with Article 5.1 (d) and GDPR regulations it is the law to keep your student and prospect data clean and accurate.

Clean, accurate and good quality data means better, more informed decisions and more targeted campaigns for your students.

It is essential to have good quality data to enhance campaign performance and brand reputation.

Reduce costs and improve delivery rate.

Increase your institutions brand reputation with more accurately addressed and delivered campaigns, decreasing the damage done by incorrectly mailing to goneaways and deceased records.

Students and prospects expect their data to be accurate and managed responsibly and compliantly.

It has never been easier to manage your data responsibly and maintain a high standard for accuracy and compliance. With a range of providers and choice of services available to suit your requirements in the education sector.

  • Managed
  • Self-service
  • Automated
  • Integration via API for real-time screening

There really is no excuse not to keep your data clean compliant and ready for action!

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