The definitive guide to harnessing the power of direct mail!

This checklist will take you through how to create your own successful direct mail campaign!

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Covering the following:

  • Why you should choose direct mail?
  • How to choose your target audience
  • How to avoid mailing you existing customer base
  • How to set a call to action (CTA)
  • How to decide on the format of a direct mail pack
  • How to determine the campaign look and message
  • Hoe to decide which partners to use
  • How to determine what other marketing activities to run
  • How to tell if your campaign has worked
  • What results you can expect

Benchmarks will vary dependent on sector, but with significant experience in planning campaigns within your sector, REaD Group will be able to provide forecasted response rates, expected average donation values, and ROI predictions for your campaign activity. This allows a level of budgetary forecasting that can be reported to the business ahead of the campaign going live.

Download Checklist Now

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