The last few years have been difficult for marketing across all sectors with increased regulation, the impact of Covid, and the current cost of living crisis. That has been especially true for the charity sector where the challenges presented by GDPR were felt a long time before others after some high-profile investigations.

Added to the mix are the challenges for fundraisers around understanding and using the increased proliferation of channels, ensuring these are maximised as far as possible and against very tight budgets. As such, knowing where to put a charity’s hard-earned cash to ensure the continued growth of both their supporter base and the vital revenue they generate is not easy.

At REaD Group we are very lucky to work with many not-for-profit organisations from some of the biggest and best-known brands in the sector, through to local hospices and smaller regional charities. No matter what we are doing, whether that’s basic data cleaning or larger campaign planning work, we always get asked the same question: Which channels are working best for charities right now? And to be honest that has always been a really hard question to answer. Until now!

That is why we are very pleased to support the release of this piece of research. While the real answer to that question is actually, “That depends”, and it does depend on so many factors, it is fascinating to see which channels work for the campaigns that charities and agencies themselves think are the most successful.

When it comes to awards, no-one submits work that they think is poor or even average. The campaigns chosen are the ones that we are all most proud of and that have the results to back them up. To be able to examine them in detail and pull out the factors that make them successful, and to show that against other sectors, is invaluable.

So the next time we are asked, “What is working right now?”, not only do we have some answers be we can share this whole document. It’s not only an interesting read but a helpful and quotable piece of insight.

Scott Logie

Customer Engagement Director at REaD Group


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