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SME and Data Quality GDPR and customer data in UK SMEs

It’s been over three years since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced. Since then, there have been plenty of headlines devoted to enterprise-level data breaches but very little on how SMEs have been fairing. Do they understand the GDPR and are they interpreting the legislation in the correct way? More than that, what is the quality of the data they hold and indeed, how do they store it?

This is what we set out to find in this survey. We wanted to gain a greater understanding of the quality of the data that SMEs hold on their customers and prospects, and the extent to which the GDPR is understood and has been adopted.

The Questions:

In our survey we asked 1,110 business owners and directors a number of questions:

  • Whether they store their customer and prospect data in a CRM and/or other database
  • Whether they run any data cleaning or update processes on the data they hold
  • Whether they use physical mailing for communicating with and/or marketing to their customers
  • Whether they were familiar with GDPR
  • Whether they were aware that GDPR requires data to be kept clean and accurate or be deleted
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