REaD Group have a vast array of automotive specific variables which you can select on or append to acquire, retain or re-engage with customers based on their household and automotive preferences
  • GDPR and PECR compliant marketing data with the highest standard of due diligence
  • Self-serve online data management products to ease the data cleaning process
  • Unrivalled in being the only data universe offering prospect and customer enhancement data which has been validated and proven to be recently transacting
  • Hundreds of selectable variables to enhance your data and add insight
  • Transparency of sources and trackable permissions library

Online data solutions for the automotive sector

REaD Group created a bespoke version of REaDOnline, the market-leading online data cleansing tool to integrate into the clients online intranet.

REaD Group created a bespoke version of REaDOnline, the market-leading online data cleansing tool. This has been made available to all dealerships via their intranet. As a result, the dealerships have access to a simple, easily managed tool that enables them to cleanse their data at a discounted rate and to run their data against the larger Head Office suppression file – free of charge.


Data cleaning for a leading automotive brand

Optimise your data with ease

Combining the most accurate and comprehensive data available in the UK with the best technology, REaDOnline is the definitive self-serve online data management platform in the UK.

REaDOnline is a market leading online platform that enables you to efficiently and effectively manage and maximise the value of your customer and prospect data.

  • Trusted
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Available 24/7
Manage your data with ease

Goneaways and suppressions for automotive brands

Data quality is the first step to ensuring brand reputation and loyalty. The best place to start is through the identification and suppression of individuals who have moved from the address you have in your database using a credible suppression file such as REaD Groups definitive Gone Away Suppression file (GAS).

  • Reduce campaign costs and improve ROI
  • Prevent the brand damage caused by sending mail addressed to previous occupants
  • Help you to adhere to the data quality requirement under Data Protection Act 2017
  • Help you to keep in touch with customers and supporters and maximise retention and LTV


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