REaD Group have a range of trusted data solutions for financial services  including market-leading data cleansing  via a variety of delivery methods and a unique consumer marketing database  – containing hundreds of variables which you can select on or append to acquire, retain or re-engage with customers:

  • A market leading data cleansing suite designed to optimise the accuracy of consumer data and the performance of marketing campaigns
  • An in-depth view of all marketable UK consumers proven to support insight projects and targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Hundreds of selectable variables to enhance your data and add insight
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Goneaways and Suppressions for Retail Banking Brands! 

Data quality is the first step to ensuring brand reputation and loyalty in this uncertain time. The best place to start is through the identification and suppression of individuals who have moved from the address you have in your database using a credible suppression file such as REaD Groups definitive Gone Away Suppression file (GAS).

  • Reduce campaign costs and improve ROI
  • Prevent the brand damage caused by sending mail addressed to previous occupants
  • Help you to adhere to the data quality requirement under Data Protection Act
  • Help you to keep in touch with customers and supporters and maximise retention and LTV
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The results!

We are delighted to be helping our clients across multiple sectors achieve unrivalled results with REaD Group. Check out our most recent metrics to make you go WOW below!

Cold DM and partially addressed mail using REaD Group data and campaign planning:

  •  237.5% of response rate target!
  • 137.5% increase in response rate! 
  • 109% increase in donors!
  •  209% of donation target!
  •  336% of ROI target!

We have seen increased direct mail budgets of up to 56% and a huge increase in direct mail additional revenue of over 250k!

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By ensuring that their customer data was as accurate and up to date as possible, The Co-operative Bank were able to re-connect with relocated customers, allowing them to continue to deliver excellent customer service, important account updates and counter against potential fraud risks.

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