Quality Data for the healthcare sector

REaD Group is one of the most data rich organisations in the UK with an unrivalled understanding of the data market. We provide our clients with access to highly accurate, responsive and diverse data to enhance customer relationships and make better, more informed decisions about how to communicate with  individuals across the marketing mix.

Using over 900 variables including comprehensive demographics, household characteristics, behavioural and attitudinal attributes.

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Extraordinary times require innovation and new data models to support data driven decisions and responsible marketing and REaD Group data partner More Metrics have reactively developed a new set of models to track Covid-19 risk factors.

For these models,  More Metrics has used its existing and new datasets to create 14 risk measures that it considers to be relevant to Covid-19. The risks cover a number of dimensions, including:

  • Age and Household Composition
  • Mortality and Co-morbidity
  • Economic Resilience
  • Risk Engagement
  • Infection Rate
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How brands can create sustainable growth with consumers aged 55+

The industry talks about over-55s as being one group. But to treat 17 million people in the same way is madness.

Segmenting and researching them using data services is the way forward for your brand.

A challenge for healthcare  and e-commerce is to humanise engagement. If they want to chat, they want to chat to a person, about price and options. You can’t yet do that with an automated chat function.


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REaD Cleanse

Healthcare data services that ensure your customer and prospect data is accurate, up-to-date and compliant with REaD Group’s Market Leading data cleaning services. It delivers massive cost savings, better ROI and reduces the risk of reputational damage for healthcare brands.

REaD Group deliver the most accurate, comprehensive, trusted and up-to-date data  services available in the UK. Combining three market leading products – The Gone Away Suppression file (GAS)GAS Reactive and The Bereavement Register (TBR) with the best of the rest in the market.

The best data quality services are available via our market leading Online platform or via seamless API REaDConnect

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Consumer vulnerability score model

Tailor your communications and contact strategy for vulnerable consumers.

For many sectors such as healthcare, it is more important than ever to identify consumers correctly to ensure policies, procedures and communications are appropriate and trusted.

Healthcare brands can screen data to identify vulnerable individuals to avoid causing distress and brand damage.

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