Prospectus for Insurance

Prospectus for Insurance is a market leading data solution tailored specifically for the insurance sector.  Proven to deliver unrivalled data and insight to maximise customer acquisition and retention.

With an unparalleled database for volume, accuracy and detail, proprietary Confidence Grading for policy renewal dates, Prospectus for Insurance will enhance your campaign targeting and ROI:

  • Optimised acquisition through highly targeted campaigns
  • Timely and effective up-sell and cross-sell activity
  • Valued customers identification and retention
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Goneaways and suppressions for Insurance brands!

Data quality is the first step to ensuring brand reputation and loyalty in this uncertain time. The best place to start is through the identification and suppression of individuals who have moved from the address you have in your database using a credible suppression file such as REaD Groups definitive Gone Away Suppression file (GAS).

  • Reduce campaign costs and improve ROI
  • Prevent the brand damage caused by sending mail addressed to previous occupants
  • Help you to adhere to the data quality requirement under Data Protection Act 2017
  • Help you to keep in touch with customers and supporters and maximise retention and LTV
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‘‘Working collaboratively with REaD Group has been instrumental in enhancing our data and marketing strategy. We now have the capability to see an accurate, real-time view of our customer base – providing invaluable insight and enabling us to ensure we are taking a highly targeted and customer focussed approach. This has resulted in significant steps towards increasing our retention rates and LTV. We are excited to continue working with the REaD Group team.’’

Brad May
Chief Marketing Officer

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