Do you know who your best customers are?

Utilise your customer and prospect data with actionable insight. Let our data scientists loose on your database to help you get to know your customers better than ever. Unlock the true value of your data and maximise ROI.

Utilise how REaD Group’s market leading data can help you:

  • Basic insight
  • Profiling
  • Complex modelling
  • Segmentation


Data Cleaning for Leisure

Get to know your customers

Our leisure data services allow you to gain valuable insights into your customer and prospect data. Let our data scientists loose on your leisure database, to help you get to know your customers better than ever.

We use a range of analysis, from basic insight and profiling, through to complex modelling and segmentation, to help turn raw data into actionable knowledge.

Our leisure data services give brands insights into:

  • Lifestyle data: what do your customers look like? What are their hobbies, where do they spend their money?
  • Transactional data: what do your customers buy, who are your most valuable customers, and where can you find them?
  • Media data: where and when is the best place to communicate with your customers? Do they prefer text or email?

Our insightful analysis of your data can inform powerful marketing campaigns, that allow you to connect with your customers on a meaningful level.

Unlock the true value of your data, and maximise your ROI with REaD’s market leading leisure data services.

The results!

We’re delighted to report that our leisure data services have helped clients across multiple sectors achieve tangible results.

Have a look at some of our most recent results: 

A campaign that used cold direct messaging and partially addressed mail using REaD  data and campaign planning resulted in: 

  • 237.5% of response rate target!
  • 137.5% increase in response rate! 
  • 109% increase in donors!
  • 209% of donation target!
  • 336% of ROI target!

We have seen increased direct mail budgets of up to 56% and a huge increase in direct mail additional revenue of over 250k!

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Planning services for leisure brands

No channel works in isolation, and when it comes to campaign planning, it’s vital to measure the impact of each channel against another. At REaD Group, our holistic, insight-driven planning strategies provide our clients with the confidence that every pound spent is being optimised. 

Using the most relevant channels to deliver the highest return on investment, we can offer support in both offline and digital channels, including; 

  • Email – Reaching your target audience to deliver immediate and efficient acquisition strategy.
  • Socials – Using identifiers to match demographic, lifestyle, channel preferences and attitudinal information.
  • Direct mail partially addressed mail and inserts.
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Trusted Data for online dating

Our client is one of the UK’s most popular and trusted online dating sites.

As the experts in relationships, they wanted to understand the behaviours of their customers with free accounts, compared to those using their paid service. 

The goal? To increase their conversion rates. 

The solution? Data segmentation.

This allowed our client to understand the trigger points of becoming a paying customer, and ensure they were communicating the most relevant messages in order to achieve their goal.

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