Transforming your data into knowledge … and knowledge into profitable action! 

REaD Group are one of the leading data providers in the UK, offering customer insight and segmentation to brands, creating more targeted and personalised campaigns to maximise ROI for DM and email, increasing customer retention and optimising brand loyalty.

  • Dynamic segmentation
  • Lapsed customer analysis
  • Offering Media specific variables
  • Identifying look-a-like prospects

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Customer Insight and Engagement

Infosum: Privacy-first data solution for brands

Leading data and insight company REaD Group and InfoSum, the world’s leading decentralised marketing infrastructure have partnered to make REaD’s UK-wide comprehensive and permissioned database of online and offline consumer data available for brands, publishers and more to discover new insights and improve audience targeting.

enabling collaboration between data-rich companies. Through a decentralised infrastructure, brands, media owners, data owners and other enterprise companies can connect data without ever sharing it.

InfoSum’s identity infrastructure allows REaD to make its accurate, responsible and diverse third-party data available for companies to match first-party customer data to highly valuable interest and behavioural data to enrich their customer understanding. By removing the need to share or commingle any data, the privacy of the end consumer is protected, as is the security of each data set.

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Keep your data clean with REaD Group!

Keeping your data clean and accurate has never been more important for the media sector. By following legislation you can ensure a more effective and altogether improved approach to responsible marketing, improved campaign targeting, reducing costs and increasing ROI. REaD Group deliver the most accurate, comprehensive, trusted and up to date data services in the UK. Combining three market leading products.

  • The Gone Away Suppression file (GAS)
  • GAS Reactive
  • The Bereavement Register (TBR)

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Data Cleaning made easy