The Coronavirus pandemic and associated lockdowns has seen a boom in pet ownership and this has seen more consumer spending on pets than ever before!

Spend on pet food and treats, medicine, vet care, insurance, bedding and toys and other services such as day-care and boarding have all been on the rise.  To support this key trend in consumer spending behaviour, REaD Group has developed a series of data sets and models to support brands who want to target pet owners for relevant products and services – including insurance.

REaD Group hold data that includes the following variables: 

  • Pet owners
  • Owns a cat
  • Owns a dog
  • Have pet insurance
  • Pet insurance renewal dates
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Launched in 2017, the client became the UK’s Best Pet Insurance Provider in 2020, however, in order to continue to grow, they wanted to gain a better understanding of their core and most loyal customers.

REaD Group began by profiling the client’s existing customer database to understand the core demographics, lifestyle interests, financial status and household composition, before selecting data based on the top scoring deciles.

The results:

  • Delivering an ROI of 2.5
  • Every £1 spent on the campaign, we generated £2.50 in revenue
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