Build trust and meet data requirements with REaD Cleanse

Ensure citizen data is accurate, up-to-date and GDPR compliant with our market-leading data cleansing services.

It is a benchmark of responsible data management and marketing. Individuals expect it, the law requires it, and it delivers massive cost savings, a better ROI, all while reducing the risk of Public Sector damage.

REaD Group deliver the most accurate, comprehensive, trusted and up-to date data cleaning services in the UK. Combining three market leading products:

Our data quality services are available through our market – leading online platform or via seamless API REaD Connect.

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Communicate with care

Consumer vulnerability is increasingly a key factor in consumer communication strategy and influences
how consumers are communicated with, billed or visited. For the Public Sectorit is more important
than ever to identify vulnerable consumers in their customer and prospect data and tailor
communications, policies and procedures accordingly.

In order to support the proactive identification of vulnerable consumers, REaD Group have created
the Vulnerable Consumer Score model that returns a 1 to 6 score to indicate level of vulnerability.

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Create targeted campaigns with REaDOnline

Our REaDOnline service is the most definitive self-serve online data management platform in the UK.

REaDOnline combines the most accurate and comprehensive consumer data available in the UK with the best technology.

  • Validate and verify individual records
  • Clean data in line with Government regulation
  • Update records regularly
  • Enhance individual records
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Make an impact when communicating with Direct Mail

REaD Group are the ideal partner for your direct mail campaigns.

With campaign planning expertise and unrivalled customer data insight, we deliver highly-targeted direct marketing.

  • Unrivalled Data – UK prospect pool has scale and depth and is tailored, dynamic and insightful
  • Data Planning Expertise – experienced, responsive and innovative
  • Data Quality – market leading data, management built in
  • Unbelievable results
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Building a Single Customer View

A complete and holistic view of your customer data

Combining data from multiple sources and channels across your business – from product and purchase history, call centres and customer service logs to online and social activity, provide a complete picture of your customers and their interaction with your business.

An effective Single Customer View (SCV) can transform how you can use and capitalise the data assets within your business:

  • Provide actionable insight into how and when your customers interact with you
  • Enable you to make more informed decisions and enhance ROI from marketing activity
  • Improve operational cohesion and efficiencies
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The expansion of the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) and what it means?

It is estimates that 1 in 5 vehicles will be affected by this and liable to the daily charge as the ULEZ continues to expand across Greater London. Our latest Green Index Model in conjunction with More Metrics, has revealed how green behaviour differs across these new expanding ULEZ boundaries, and allows organisations to estimate the  sustainable preferences of those impacted.

  • The more children in a family, the more likely they are to have environmental concerns.
  • Those with no children are 19% less likely to be green.
  • 18 – 24-year-olds are 60% more likely to be concerned about the environment.
  • And much more …

Giving a greater insight into the sustainability preferences of the UK population at postcode level, and, giving organisations the ability to tailor communications to those seeking green alternatives.


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