REaD – Supporting retail brands every step of the way!

We have a vast array of retail data services to help you achieve your objectives. Get access to prospect data with REaD Prospect, or enrich your existing retail data with REaD Enhance.

Our data services can be tailored with retail specific variables and trusted retail data solutions that will help you acquire, retain, or re-engage with your customers. 

Our retail dataset promises: 

  • GDPR and PECR compliant marketing data with the highest standard of due diligence.
  • Transparency of sources and trackable permission’s library.
  • Hundreds of selectable variables to enhance your retail data and add insight
  • Unrivalled in being the only data universe offering prospect and customer enhancement data – validated and proven to be recently spending.
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Media planning services for retail brands!

No one channel works in isolation, and it is vital when campaign planning to measure the impact of each channel against another. 

At REaD Group, we take a holistic, insight-driven approach to media. This allows us to provide our clients with planning strategies they can feel confident in. We ensure that every pound spent is being optimised, and we use the most relevant channels to deliver the highest return on investment. 

We offer support in both offline and digital channels, including:

  • EmailSpeak directly to your target audience to deliver immediate and efficient acquisition strategy.
  • SocialsUse personal identifiers to match demographic, lifestyle, channel preferences and attitudinal information to the right person.
  • Direct mailThrough partially addressed mail and inserts, again, you can advertise directly to your desired customer.
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Retail Data

In recent years, we have seen a major shift in consumer purchasing behaviour. More and more customers are shopping online. In light of this, retail is becoming an increasingly data rich industry. 

Use this to your advantage with our retail data services, offering data analytics and enhancement tools to help your business uncover trends and patterns, and then predict outcomes. In turn, this allows retail companies to: 

  • Deliver personalised and targeted promotions and sales – that are more likely to convert. 
  • Optimise your marketing and advertising spend – put your product in front of the right people, at the right time. 
  • Better predict supply and demand – don’t waste your resources on stock that won’t sell.
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Retail data results

Our retail data services are helping clients across multiple sectors both meet and exceed their goals. The proof? It’s in the results. 

Our cold direct messaging and partially addressed mail campaigns have seen the following results: 

  • 237.5% of response rate target
  • 137.5% increase in response rate!
  • 109% increase in donors
  •  209% of donation target
  •  336% of ROI target

We have also seen increased direct mail budgets of up to 56%, and a huge increase in direct mail additional revenue of over 250k!

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Long live the catalogue!

Consumers crave personal interaction and tangible communication. When executed thoughtfully, responsibly and compliantly, direct mail can deliver compelling results. 

Since we first descended into lockdown earlier this year, 40% of people either agree or strongly agree that Direct Mail has become an important part of this new routine.

REaD Group’s recent work with an outdoor clothing and equipment retailer saw an 86% rise in sales after a catalogue mailing campaign.

This is a perfect example of ongoing value delivered by well – executed direct mail supported by data.

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Craft beer case study

Our retail data insights helped a leading provider of home-delivery craft beer continue their customer growth after their advertising opportunities became limited.  

They needed a new way to recruit new supporters and build loyalty, and the solution was to build a bespoke model for the client, using a combination of retail data and REaD’s own unique variables, including:

  • Demographic information
  • Geolocation
  • Affluence
  • Household spend
  • Interest in beer
  • Mail order buyers

The campaign had a positive response that led to a full UK rollout. The strong performance of REaD Group’s retail dataset remained consistent as the volume increased, and now forms the essential foundation of their ongoing customer acquisition strategies.

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