Improve your business model with utilities data

As the utilities and energy industry faces challenges of rising capital costs and global competition, firms are harnessing the power of consumer data to develop a more accurate business model and strategy.

We are one of the most data rich organisations in the UK, with an unrivalled understanding of the data market. REaD Group collaborates closely with utilities brands to provide rich and focused utilities data. From our unique energy supplier switcher model, to our consumer vulnerability score model, we have the perfect utilities data solution for you.

The right data to help utilities companies

Our utilities database is the largest and most comprehensive GDPR compliant consumer database in the UK. Our data is complete with a vast array of utility-specific variables, which can be selected and filtered to identify your target consumers.

Adjust utility specific variables to identify: 

  • Payment method for energy (pre-pay metre/monthly)
  • Current energy supplier On/Off gas grid
  • Environmental concerns
  • Affluence indicators
  • Household size
  • Boiler age
  • Propensity to switch
  • Contact preferences

Our utilities data provides opportunities for a range of marketing purposes; acquire customers, retain, or re-engage with customers. The data allows organisations to make informed decisions to enhance personalised marketing campaigns and increase ROI.

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Energy switcher data

The Energy Switcher Model from REaD Group provides consumer data insight into customers with the greatest propensity to switch from their existing provider. 

Our unique Switcher Model is built using the most accurate and variable-rich utilities consumer database in the UK, allowing detailed customer segmentation to identify those with the most potential to switch energy providers

This detailed and segmented utilities data is ideal for energy, telecoms and other utilities companies looking to improve both customer acquisition and retention across multiple channels. This unique utility and energy database contains over 41 million marketable individuals, formed using validated and permissioned consumer databases. 

With an unrivaled selection of hundreds of variables, there is no comparable energy database solution for identifying energy switchers available on the market.

Energy switcher model

Consumer vulnerability data

Tailor your communication and contact strategy to support vulnerable consumers.

Supporting vulnerable consumers with the right communication strategy is essential for creating trusting, loyal customer relationships.

Our rich set of utilities data proactively identifies vulnerable customers, with a Vulnerable Consumer Score Model that returns a 1 to 6 score to indicate level of vulnerability.

The score has been created using a combination of factors, including:

  • Age, income, housing and education
  • Market forces acting on the consumer
  • Transient states of the consumer, such as health
  • Levels of susceptibility to these market forces
Consumer vulnerability model

Homemover data

Our large consumer database can be used to identify those who are moving home, or have recently moved home. 

Tracking various stages of the home move process, this insight helps companies in the power and utilities sector identify potential customer acquisition opportunities.

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Quality utilities data

Using only the highest quality of data is essential to successful marketing and ROI. All of our utilities and energy consumer data is: 

  • GDPR and PECR compliant marketing data with the highest standard of due diligence.
  • Transparent in sources with a trackable permissions library.
  • Configurable with hundreds of selectable variables to enhance your data insight.
  • Fully permissioned and matched against REaD Group’s market leading suppression files before being supplied to clients.
  • Unrivalled in being the only data universe offering prospect and customer enhancement data which has been validated and proven to be recently transacting.
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Utilities Trend Report 2021

Challenger brands, market disruptors and game changers are now commonly used terms and reflect the new and hypercompetitive environment that is the new reality, forcing legacy utilities, power and energy brands to change the way they do business.

What makes energy customers stay or switch? Who do they trust and why? What turns them on and or switches them off? REaD Group’s latest utilities and energy sector report provides insight into the performance, trust and consumer loyalty in the energy sector.

There are an estimated 27.8 million households* in the UK, with the vast majority of these households representing potential customers of energy providers.

Our 2021 utilities sector report covers:

  • Changes to energy giants
  • Customer service and trust
  • Deal or no deal for consumers
  • Price is still king
  • The key to Green Credentials
  • Communication strategies
  • Consumer channel preferences
Read 2021 report