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The more you know about a customer, the better your marketing will be. As one of the UK’s most comprehensive B2C data suppliers, we provide businesses with quality consumer data – helping you make better marketing decisions and increase ROI with the right marketing data. Our data lists use the most comprehensive view of consumers in the UK. Our consumer data supply services help you find and get to know the right customers, with tailored customer profiling filters to bring your brand closer to the right people.

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REaD Prospect

REaD Group is one of the most data rich organisations in the UK with an unrivalled understanding of the data market. 

Our REaD Prospect service provides clients with access to highly accurate, responsive and diverse marketing data lists to enhance customer relationships. Using detailed profiling filters, understand how to communicate with customer and prospect segments across the marketing mix.

With demographic, lifestyle profiling and many industry specific filters, identify prospects and customers that are relevant to your business. Make better, more informed decisions with REaD Prospect.

REaD Prospect

REaD Enhance

REaD Enhance is the most accurate, in-depth and insightful view of the consumer population in the UK. 

Our REaD Enhance consumer database offers unrivalled detail, holding multiple, trusted sources of consumer data from our quality data asset repository. Our Enhance data list represents virtually every marketable individual, covering valuable marketing information on: 

  • Who consumers live with
  • What consumers earn
  • What consumers spend
  • How consumers transact
  • Consumers leisure activities and hobbies

This consumer data supply contains over 900 variables including comprehensive demographics, household characteristics, behavioural and attitudinal attributes.

REaD Enhance

REaD Smart Link

REaD Smart Link is a powerful data linking tool that contains all the channel variables we hold on an individual level that can be used to link data from one source to another. 

Using the most comprehensive consumer data universe in the UK, verify contactability across one individual or household and help validate identity.

  • Link – reliably link individuals across multiple databases or contact channels.
  • Verify – identify the same person, or household, from multiple sources of information.
  • Validate – have confidence an individual is who they say they are.
REaD Smart Link
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What you need to know about our Consumer Database

Discover the benefits of quality data with REaD Group.

  • Over 50 million individual records.
  • Fully GDPR compliant.
  • Up to date and accurate.
  • Over 900 customer profiling variables.
Accurate, compliant and relevant

At REaD Group, we ensure our marketing data lists are relevant, accurate and permission based. Quality consumer information leads to better marketing, which is why we keep our consumer database clean, up to date and GDPR compliant.

We work with reputable data providers and specialist niche companies. As part of our unparalleled due diligence process, our data lists undergo strict mandatory rules across all of our contributors. No data is accepted into our data estate unless it meets our very strict compliance criteria.

The process

When you buy consumer data with REaD Group, you aren’t just accessing a generic data list, you’re gaining tailored and detailed insight into relevant customers.

We begin by understanding your key objectives and target markets to identify business growth opportunities.

Your data can then be tailored to your business needs. Select from a range of detailed filters to target customers accurately.

Home Mover Data

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Covid-19 Risk Model

To support data driven decisions and responsible marketing REaD Group and data partner, More Metrics, have  developed a Covid-19 risk model to enable: Screening to de-select vulnerable consumers from campaigns…

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