REaD Smart Link

Link. Verify. Validate.

Using the most comprehensive consumer data universe in the UK, REaD have launched REaD Smart Link – a powerful data linking tool that contains all the channel variables we hold on an individual level that can be used to link data from one source to another, verify contactability across one individual or household and help validate identity.

  • Link – the ability to reliably link individuals across multiple databases or contact channels
  • Verify – identify the same person, or household, from multiple sources of information
  • Validate – have confidence an individual is who they say they are
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REaD Smart Link is a powerful linking and validation tool that can be used to:

  • Verify the same individual across multiple datasets
  • Can be used as the spine for development of SCVs and other data solutions
  • Bridge to find prospects and customers on-line and direct communications to them
  • Reduced marketing costs by preventing consumers from receiving duplicate communications as a result of multiple records on a database
  • Increase confidence that a person is who they say they are
  • Provides a unique boost to your existing fraud products
  • Protect your brand from fraudulent activity and money laundering by enabling robust identity verification

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