Connect with customer experiences

Our data teams help businesses connect with customers and make better decisions with tailored customer analytics solutions. 

Uncover new markets and customer insight to optimise customer acquisition and retention strategies. We offer a range of customer data analysis solutions, from top line insight and customer profiling, through to complex data modelling to help turn raw data into actionable knowledge.

Social Listening

Social Listening is the process of understanding the online conversation about a company or brand, as well as its products and services. Social listening allows brands to understand what their customers are talking about:

  • What they think
  • How they feel
  • What they need from your business

Using unique access to real-time social data, REaD Group can connect this social data from multiple social platforms, and, using this technology, we link the data at a global ID level and match this to REaD Group data to provide enriched insights.

REaD Group collects, hosts and own this type of data to enhance products and deliver client projects.

Find your community
target customers

Identify Opportunities

Our customer analytics services help you identify the most relevant and promising opportunities, with an understanding of transactional, behavioural, attitudinal data and more to better predict business outcomes.

Target communications

Communicate with customers in the right way, at the right time. Our customer analytics services provide insight into the kinds of communications your customers value and are most likely to convert.

Improve revenue

Data is your most valuable resource. We ensure your data is meaningful and accurate with tailored customer analytics solutions, helping businesses engage with customers more effectively and increase return on investment.

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Data segmentation

Understanding your customers is the key to unlocking the true value of your data and maximising ROI.

Do you know who your best customers are?

What characteristics do they have in common?

Let our data scientists delve into your database and we can help you get to know your best customers and engage with them accordingly.


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Data modelling

We use past behaviour and advanced techniques to create propensity models or data models, enabling you to predict how prospects and customers will likely engage with your brand in the future.

This allows you to identify who your best customers are, directing your marketing efforts to more valuable customers, and providing them with personalised communications that will encourage increased response rates and LTV. Ensure your marketing is targeted, timely and impactful.

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Why REaD?

Data personalisation

We deliver data solutions that are truly meaningful for your business, understanding your business and campaign objectives to deliver the right customer analytics solutions for you.

Trusted data partner

As a leading UK data marketing agency, we are committed to providing detailed and accurate data insights. We have been bringing businesses closer to customers for 30 years with targeted customer analytics insights.


Other data services

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