Data segmentation services

Our data segmentation services divide your customer data into targeted sections, helping you identify relevant customer groups based on specific variables. Target customers in the right way with segmented communications and more meaningful marketing. Transform your data into knowledge, and knowledge into profitable action.

Segment customers into accurate groups

Understanding your customer is the key to unlocking the true value of your data. Do you know who your best customers are? What characteristics do they have in common? Our data segmentation services will help you get to know your customers better, and in turn drive better results.

Identifying your best customers

Data segmentation involves separating a customer base into groupings of individuals with similar characteristics. This can include a number of different classifications – such as spending habits, location, demographics and behavioural preferences.

The results of our customer data segmentation will enable you to truly understand your customers. As a result, you’ll be able to provide a much more personable and engaging marketing experience. 

Creating more targeted and personalised campaigns will enable you to maximise ROI from email and DM campaigns, as well as increase your customer retention and loyalty.

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Our data segmentation tools

At REaD Group, we use advanced technology in order to provide unparalleled data services. And, that’s no different when it comes to our date segmentation services. 

Introducing INTRA: The transactionally active customer data segmentation tool.

An innovative geo/demographic segmentation tool that combines spending patterns with demographic and lifestyle characteristics. INTRA examines transactional activity over the past 12 months, and combines it with key wealth and life stage attributes to create highly effective segmentation.

Ultimately, INTRA makes it possible for the end user to detect the subtle yet important differences in their customer data, giving them total control over how they target their customers and market their products and services. 

Customer data segmentation examples include: 

  • Thriving Millennial
  • Leisure Seekers
  • Rooted Professional
  • Cultural Connoisseurs
  • Suburban Savers
  • Settled Seniors
  • Conscientious Spenders

And many more!

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The benefits of customer segmentation

The key benefits of customer data segmentation include:

  • More targeted and sophisticated campaigns that are tailored to the correct target market.
  • Speaking to customers in their language will increase the chance of them engaging with your campaign.
  • Our customer data segmentation services let you personalise your communications on mass – saving you time and money.

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