REaDOnline - Online Data Management Platform

Using online data management technology to maximise the value of your data assets. Easily and efficiently optimise your customer data with REaDOnline - the online data management platform from REaD Group.

Online data management system

REaDOnline is a market leading online data management platform. This gives organisations the ability to manage their data online, with tools to optimise the value, compliance and accuracy of data. As an online data management platform, REaDOnline is easily accessible through our secure online portal. Once registered, simply log in and access your data. Our REAaOnline platform validates, cleans, updates and enhances your data - maximising its value in line with your business objectives. Save costs, improve efficiency and increase ROI. Sign up for REaDOnline today.

Optimise your data with ease. All in one platform.

Combining the most accurate and comprehensive data available in the UK with the best technology, REaDOnline is the definitive self-serve online data management platform in the UK.

Run a data audit and access the results in just a few steps. Our online data platform checks for:

  • Address Screening – PAF processing, De-duplication, relocates, NCOA 
  • Mail Suppression – deceased, goneaway, MPS 
  • Telephone Numbers – Consumer telenumbering, TPS, FPS 
  • Data Collating – name formatting, email validation, profanity check

REaDOnline’s data screening services identify individuals who have changed address, contact details, or have passed away, as well as identifying duplication and formatting errors.

Efficiently and effectively manage and maximise the value of your customer and prospect data with REaDOnline:

  • Trusted
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Available 24/7
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The benefits of REaDOnline

Don’t leave your data quality to chance. As a trusted online data management system, REaDOnline helps you:

  • Easily maintain data accuracy, compliance and completeness
  • Maximise data quality to enhance targeting and results
  • Effectively standardise your data to improve matching
  • Sign up quickly and easily– simply register online and you’ll be ready to go
  • Select only the services you wish to use to suit your requirements
  • Use flexible payment options – set up a credit account or by ‘pay as you go’ by credit card

Register or log into REaDOnline

Why choose REaD for online data management?

REaD Group hold the UK’s most comprehensive customer databases. Combined with leading data technology, REaDOnline offers an accurate and easy-to-use data optimisation solution.

Easily and efficiently maintain the accuracy, completeness and usability of your customer and prospect data. Reduce the costs and risks caused by incorrect data, while maximising ROI with data accuracy.

As a market leading data insight agency, REaD Group are on hand to support you with your online data management needs. Simply get in touch, or sign up to REaDOnline in just a few simple steps.

Register or log into REaDOnline

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