Single Customer View (SCV) Solutions

Get a complete view of individual customers and prospects with our single customer view data services.

Single Customer View Database

Our single customer view services provide deeper insights into your customers by combining several data insights into a single, streamlined view. This combines and consolidates all of the data you hold on customers all into one single database. A complete SCV database lets you market to customers more precisely, make more informed business decisions and improve your ROI. Stay ahead of the competition with a single customer view data platform from REaD Group.

The Process

We deliver a complete and holistic view of your customer data by combining data from multiple sources and channels across your business. 

From product and purchase history, call centres and customer service logs to online and social activity, our aim is to provide a complete picture of your customers and their interaction with your business.

An effective SCV can transform how you can use and capitalise the data assets within your business:

  • Provide actionable insight into how and when your customers interact with you
  • Enable you to make more informed decisions and enhance ROI from marketing activity
  • Improve operational cohesion and efficiencies

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Meeting Business Goals with Single Customer View Data

Before getting started, our team of data experts get to know your business and understand your priorities.

We provide a comprehensive view of relevant customer records, tailoring bespoke customer information that meets the needs of your business goals.

Your single customer view database is then returned to you, providing a platform of valuable customer information to enhance your marketing and sales strategy.

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