The UK’s most accurate and comprehensive data quality and suppression services

GDPR Article 5 requires that personal data is kept clean and accurate, which means choosing a trusted data service to optimise the quality of your data and maximise compliance is now crucial for businesses. Synonymous with data quality since the early 90s, REaD Group’s comprehensive data quality suite is the best and most accurate in the UK. We make the process of data cleaning stress-free and simple, providing easy to implement, market-leading data quality services.

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Data Cleansing – REaD Cleanse

Ensure your customer and prospect data is accurate, up-to-date and GDPR compliant with our market-leading data cleansing services.

It is a benchmark of responsible data management and marketing. Consumers expect it, the law requires it, and it delivers massive cost savings, a better ROI, all while reducing the risk of brand damage.

REaD Group deliver the most accurate, comprehensive, trusted and up-to-date data cleaning services in the UK. Combining three market leading products:

Our data quality services are available through our market-leading online platform or via seamless API REaD Connect.

REaD Cleanse
Gone Away Suppression or GAS file logo

Gone Away Suppression

Keeping your data clean and accurate has never been more important.

Our market-leading data cleaning suite is designed to optimise the accuracy of your data and the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Established in 1992 and cementing the concept of data suppression into marketing best practice, GAS, is the best known and most reputable suppression product in the industry.

Proven to be the most accurate and up-to-date solution for identifying people who have relocated.

Goneaway Suppression
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Deceased Suppression – The Bereavement Register

We deliver data quality promises, with trusted deceased screening.

The Bereavement Register is the most efficient way to remove anyone who has passed away from your marketing databases (deceased suppressions).

Since its establishment in 2000, TBR has built a reputation for providing a high quality, reliable file of confirmed deceased records that performs for our direct and bureau clients.

Reduce the risk of reputational damage and enhance campaign performance.

The Bereavement Register
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GAS Reactive logo

GAS Reactive

Don’t wait for customers to inform you they have moved – GAS Reactive keeps your customer data up-to-date and ensures continuity of contact for relevant communications.

We all know the cost of acquiring customers is far greater than retaining them – even modest estimates contend that it costs five times more to acquire than to retain a customer.

GAS Reactive

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GDPR Compliance Services

Ensure your data is compliant with our GDPR compliance services.  We help businesses acquire and use data responsibly, avoiding brand damage and legal challenges.

GDPR compliance services

Start reaping the benefits of data quality

Given that every day, at least 9,590 households move, 1671 people pass away, and 1 in 5 businesses lose a customer due to incomplete or inaccurate data, there’s never been a more prevalent time to invest in data cleaning services.

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