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Dynamic Data Cleansing with REaD Cleanse

Keeping your data clean and accurate has never been more important for your business. REaD Group’s market-leading data cleaning service delivers the most accurate, comprehensive, trusted and up-to-date data available in the UK. Combining three market-leading products – The Gone Away Suppression file (GAS)GAS Reactive and The Bereavement Register (TBR) with the best of the rest in the market, we can deliver accurate data cleaning and enhanced data quality.

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Data Cleaning for Joules

As a premium British lifestyle brand in an ever changing retail landscape, Joules need to ensure that every aspect of its marketing efforts is market leading.

It was also imperative that data remained clean, compliant, and actionable at all times, so campaigns and projects could be delivered effectively and efficiently.

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Leading UK supermarket wins big with REaD Cleanse

The brand needs no introduction, but as the UK’s leading supermarket with the most successful loyalty scheme in the UK, data is recognised as a key factor in the continued success.

They wanted to work with a data and solutions partner that could genuinely innovate and deliver services in a way not previously consumed.

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GDPR Compliance Services

Ensure your data is compliant with our GDPR compliance services.  We help businesses acquire and use data responsibly, avoiding brand damage and legal challenges.

GDPR compliance services

Data Cleansing – REaD Cleanse

Ensure your customer and prospect data is accurate, up-to-date and GDPR compliant with our market-leading data cleansing services. It is a benchmark of responsible data management and marketing. Consumers expect…

REaD Cleanse

Gone Away Suppression

Keeping your data clean and accurate has never been more important. Our market-leading data cleaning suite is designed to optimise the accuracy of your data and the performance of your…

Goneaway Suppression

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